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I have created this website with you, the reader, in mind. My goal is to make this a place where you can visit to learn about the books I have up for sale, as well as the projects I currently have in the working. A writer is nothing without his loyal fan base, and he or she should recognize this. I am so new to the published-works-world that my fan base consist mainly of family and close personal friends, but I am eager to earn more followers through quality work and giving credit where credit is due - to you, the fans. I have seen a steady growth of new followers worldwide, and I would like to thank all of you that have put your trust in this unknown, unproven author! 

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I was honored recently by my friend, and fellow author, William Lobb, who wrote a piece after I brought him on a fishing trip. We gotta do it again soon!


​Saturday I did something completely out of character... I went fishing. I don't fish. I'd not gone fishing since I stopped drinking and taking any chemical I found laying around many years ago.

I'm way to busy for fishing and such things. I spend most of my life wondering where all my time goes. You find out on a boat, on a lake, completely disconnected.

My friend and fellow author, Mike Hoard, took me. The dude can fish. I swear to god he's the fish whisperer. I mean it was spooky. On a nine mile long lake he knows where the fish are. He knows. I never have ever seen anything like it. He doesn't know the general area, he knows on what side of the log and how deep. Seriously spooky stuff.

The fish must be terrified when they hear Mike Hoard's pickup driving up to the lake...

I spent a few hours with my phone in his truck glovebox. That was the closest this to withdrawal I've felt in almost twenty-four years. It was nice, it was freeing, once I stopped sweating. Other than pondering how the Hell Mike could possibly know the location of every fricken fish on a thousand acre lake - exactly...

"Bill, we are going to find some crappies here...let's fish for some Walleye here... some rock bass over there."

I pondered what life was like before I was married to this device in my hand right now.

I remembered acid and amphetamine laced trips into the backwoods upstate where I'd disappear for a week or more with no outside contact, just a verbal agreement for someone to pick me up at an appointed place, at an appointed time.

Somewhere between those days and now is a better place to live. Thanks Mike, it was an eye opening Saturday.

But damn, Sam, them Louisiana boys can fish!

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